Hippodrome Horse Complex | Discover Aiken County

Apr 18, 2020
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Welcome to Tokyo Biking Tours, where we offer you an incredible opportunity to explore the Hippodrome Horse Complex in Aiken County. Get ready to immerse yourself in the rich equestrian heritage and picturesque scenery of this remarkable location. Whether you're a horse enthusiast or simply seeking a unique experience, the Hippodrome Horse Complex will not disappoint.

Uncover Aiken County's Equestrian Heritage

Aiken County in South Carolina is renowned for its deep-rooted equestrian culture. The Hippodrome Horse Complex stands as a testament to this heritage, offering visitors a glimpse into the world of horses and the various disciplines they excel in. From dressage and show jumping to cross-country and polo, the Hippodrome Horse Complex caters to enthusiasts of all ages and riding abilities.

Explore the Horse Complex

The Hippodrome Horse Complex spans over 500 acres of pristine land, making it one of the largest equestrian facilities in the region. With state-of-the-art amenities and stunning facilities, it's the perfect place to witness the majestic beauty of horses up close.

Activities and Facilities

At the Hippodrome Horse Complex, you can participate in a wide range of activities designed to engage and educate visitors about the equestrian world. Here, you can:

  • Take guided horseback tours through scenic trails, allowing you to enjoy the natural beauty while on horseback.
  • Attend riding lessons and clinics, where experienced instructors share their knowledge and help you improve your riding skills.
  • Watch thrilling horse shows and competitions, featuring top riders from around the world showcasing their talent and expertise.
  • Visit the onsite museum dedicated to the history and evolution of equestrian sports in Aiken County.
  • Indulge in equine therapy, a unique experience that promotes emotional healing and personal growth through interaction with horses.

Accommodations and Amenities

For those seeking an immersive experience, the Hippodrome Horse Complex offers comfortable accommodations and amenities, ensuring a memorable stay. You can choose from:

  • Charming and cozy cottages nestled amidst the lush greenery, providing a serene retreat after a day of exploring.
  • Spacious and well-equipped barns for boarding your own horse during your visit.
  • A clubhouse with a restaurant and bar, where you can relax and savor delicious meals inspired by local cuisine.
  • Training arenas and fields, meticulously maintained to provide the best riding and training experience.

Plan Your Visit

If you're ready to embark on an unforgettable journey into the world of horses, book your visit to the Hippodrome Horse Complex with Tokyo Biking Tours today. Our experienced guides will ensure you make the most of your time, providing a wealth of knowledge and stories about Aiken County's equestrian heritage. Contact us now to make a reservation and prepare for an awe-inspiring adventure!


Discovering the Hippodrome Horse Complex in Aiken County is an opportunity to immerse yourself in equestrian wonder. Tokyo Biking Tours is committed to providing you with an unforgettable experience, where you can explore the rich heritage, witness breathtaking equestrian displays, and engage in horse-related activities. Book your visit now and let us take you on a journey through Aiken County's equestrian paradise.