The Haunted Houses on Columbia Square

Dec 10, 2017

Unveiling Tokyo's Dark Secrets

Experience the thrill of the unknown with Tokyo Biking Tours as we take you on a spine-chilling journey through the haunted houses scattered around Columbia Square. Prepare to be immersed in the supernatural as we delve into Tokyo's dark history, where ghosts, spirits, and unexplained phenomena lurk within the shadows.

Explore the Haunted Sites

Our expert guides will lead you through a series of eerie and haunted houses that have gained notoriety over the years. Each location holds its own terrifying story, and we will reveal the chilling tales behind these haunted sites.

House of the Cursed Dolls

Step into the House of the Cursed Dolls, where legend has it that porcelain dolls come alive at night. Witness their glassy eyes and lifeless expressions as you navigate the dimly lit hallways. Feel the presence of the restless spirits and listen closely for the whispers in the air.

The Haunting of Manor Hill

Manor Hill stands as a testament to the supernatural with its labyrinthine corridors and mysterious disappearances. Dare to enter and discover the secrets guarded by its spectral inhabitants. Experience the bone-chilling cold spots and hair-raising apparitions as we uncover the dark history of this haunted manor.

Spirits of the Forgotten Prison

Prepare to be transported back in time at the Forgotten Prison, where spirits of past inmates still roam the decaying cells. Hear the clanking of chains and feel the heavy sense of despair as we share the stories of the tormented souls who met their untimely demise within its walls.

Uncover the Supernatural

As you journey from one haunted house to another, we will provide you with detailed accounts of paranormal encounters and historical context that make each location truly spine-chilling. Your safety is our priority, and our skilled guides will ensure a memorable yet secure experience throughout the tour.

Book Your Haunted House Tour Today

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to explore the eerie side of Tokyo. Whether you are a believer in ghosts or simply fascinated by stories of the supernatural, join Tokyo Biking Tours on this unforgettable adventure through the haunted houses of Columbia Square. Reserve your spot now and be prepared for a night you'll never forget!