The Three Best Walking Trails in Savannah

Nov 30, 2020


Welcome to Tokyo Biking Tours' guide to the three best walking trails in Savannah. If you're looking to explore the beauty of this historic city on foot, these trails offer a perfect blend of history, nature, and scenic views. Lace up your walking shoes and let's dive into the rich culture of Savannah through these picturesque routes.

1. Historic District Walking Tour

Begin your journey with our highly recommended Historic District Walking Tour. This trail takes you through the heart of Savannah's picturesque historic district, where every street tells a story. Immerse yourself in the city's rich history as you stroll along cobblestone streets lined with beautifully preserved 18th and 19th-century architecture.

As you wander through the district's squares, you'll encounter iconic landmarks such as Forsyth Park, the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, and Mercer-Williams House. Don't forget to admire the stunning Spanish moss-draped oak trees that add an ethereal touch to the surroundings.

With our expert guides leading the way, you'll learn intriguing tales about Savannah's past, from its role in the American Revolution to its pivotal role in the Civil War. This trail is perfect for history enthusiasts and anyone wanting to delve deeper into Savannah's captivating past.

2. Bonaventure Cemetery Trail

If you're looking for a walking trail that combines natural beauty with a touch of Gothic charm, the Bonaventure Cemetery Trail is a must-explore. This tranquil and hauntingly beautiful cemetery sits on the outskirts of Savannah and is renowned for its stunning sculptures, moss-covered oak trees, and serene ambiance.

Enjoy a leisurely walk through the winding pathways as you encounter elaborate gravesites, including the iconic Bird Girl statue made famous by the book "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil." Marvel at the artistic craftsmanship of the monuments and take in the eerie yet captivating atmosphere that surrounds you.

The Bonaventure Cemetery Trail offers a unique glimpse into Savannah's past, allowing you to pay respects to its prominent citizens and gain a deeper understanding of the city's cultural heritage. Be sure to bring your camera along to capture the breathtaking views and the sense of serenity that permeates the cemetery.

3. Skidaway Island State Park Trail

For nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, the Skidaway Island State Park Trail is an ideal choice. Located just a short drive from downtown Savannah, this trail offers a refreshing break from the city's hustle and bustle, allowing you to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature.

Venture through the maritime forest, traversing the wooden boardwalks that lead you towards breathtaking panoramic views of the Skidaway River. As you make your way through the trail, keep an eye out for wildlife sightings, including deer, birds, and even alligators.

The Skidaway Island State Park Trail provides an opportunity for birdwatching, hiking, and even kayaking. Enjoy the serene beauty of coastal landscapes and experience a true escape into nature's wonders.


With these three best walking trails in Savannah, Tokyo Biking Tours invites you to experience the city in a unique and personal way. From the historic district's architectural marvels to the Gothic charm of Bonaventure Cemetery and the natural beauty of Skidaway Island State Park, these trails showcase the diversity and allure of Savannah.

Whether you're a history buff, a nature enthusiast, or simply someone seeking an immersive experience in the rich culture of Savannah, these trails offer something for everyone. Join Tokyo Biking Tours and embark on your own adventure, discovering the hidden gems and iconic sights of this charming city.

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