Best Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurants: Atlanta

Aug 10, 2021
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Welcome to Tokyo Biking Tours' guide to the best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Atlanta! Atlanta, known for its diverse food culture, offers a plethora of dining options for plant-based food enthusiasts. Whether you're a local or a tourist, we've curated a comprehensive list of restaurants that cater to your dietary preferences. Indulge in a healthy and delicious dining experience while exploring the vibrant food scene of Atlanta.

1. Green Sprout Vegetarian

Located in the heart of Atlanta, Green Sprout Vegetarian is a must-visit for any vegetarian or vegan food lover. Their menu features a wide range of Chinese-inspired dishes made entirely with plant-based ingredients. From their delectable veggie dumplings to their flavorful tofu dishes, Green Sprout Vegetarian offers a delightful culinary experience. The cozy ambiance and friendly staff make it a perfect spot for a relaxed meal with friends or family.

2. Cafe Sunflower

Cafe Sunflower, an Atlanta institution, has been serving vegetarian and vegan cuisine for over 27 years. Their menu boasts a variety of flavorful dishes made from locally-sourced and organic ingredients. Whether you're in the mood for their famous Southern Fried Tofu or their mouthwatering Sunflower Burger, Cafe Sunflower is sure to please your taste buds. With its charming atmosphere and exceptional service, this restaurant creates an unforgettable dining experience.

3. Herban Fix

If you're looking for an upscale dining experience with a contemporary twist, Herban Fix is the place to be. This chic restaurant offers an extensive menu of plant-based Asian fusion dishes that are visually stunning and packed with flavors. From their creative sushi rolls to their flavorful curry options, Herban Fix guarantees a feast for your senses. The elegant ambiance and modern decor add to the overall dining experience, making it a favorite among locals and visitors.

4. Slutty Vegan

Slutty Vegan, known for its innovative and mouthwatering vegan burgers, has quickly become a cult favorite in Atlanta. Their menu features decadent and indulgent plant-based burgers that rival their meaty counterparts. With catchy names like "One Night Stand" and "Super Slut," these burgers are not only delicious but also a fun experience. The vibrant and lively atmosphere of Slutty Vegan, combined with their lip-smacking burgers, creates an unforgettable dining adventure.

5. R. Thomas Deluxe Grill

R. Thomas Deluxe Grill is a hidden gem nestled in Atlanta's Buckhead neighborhood. This eclectic restaurant offers a wide range of vegetarian and vegan options, catering to all kinds of dietary preferences. Their menu features everything from fresh salads and comforting soups to hearty entrees and decadent desserts. The restaurant's charming patio and serene ambiance make it a perfect spot for a relaxed lunch or dinner while enjoying their healthy and flavorful dishes.

6. Viva La Vegan

Viva La Vegan is a family-owned and operated vegan restaurant that combines traditional flavors with a modern twist. Their menu is packed with mouthwatering dishes that showcase plant-based alternatives to popular comfort foods. From their classic Vegan Mac 'n' Cheese to their flavorful Buffalo Cauliflower Bites, Viva La Vegan offers a unique and satisfying dining experience. The cozy atmosphere and friendly staff make this restaurant a go-to spot for comfort food cravings.

7. Tassili's Raw Reality

Tassili's Raw Reality is a raw vegan café and juice bar that serves delicious and nutrient-rich dishes. Their menu focuses on raw and living foods, offering a range of options such as wraps, salads, and smoothies. Each dish is carefully prepared to retain maximum nutrition and flavor, making Tassili's Raw Reality a favorite among health-conscious eaters. The laid-back atmosphere and welcoming staff add to the overall dining experience, creating a true oasis for raw food enthusiasts.

8. Dulce Vegan Bakery & Cafe

If you have a sweet tooth, then Dulce Vegan Bakery & Cafe is a must-visit in Atlanta. This charming bakery and café specialize in vegan pastries, cakes, and desserts that are as delightful to the eyes as they are to the taste buds. From their decadent chocolate cupcakes to their creamy fruit tarts, Dulce Vegan Bakery & Cafe offers a wide selection of indulgent treats. The cozy atmosphere and friendly staff make it a perfect spot to satisfy your dessert cravings.


Atlanta's vegetarian and vegan dining scene is thriving, and Tokyo Biking Tours aims to help you discover the best restaurants in this vibrant city. Whether you're a vegetarian, a vegan, or simply looking to explore new flavors, the restaurants mentioned in this guide offer a variety of options to suit your preferences. From casual to upscale dining experiences, Atlanta has something for everyone. So hop on your bike and embark on a culinary adventure through the vegetarian and vegan delights of Atlanta with Tokyo Biking Tours!

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