Alice Riley - Oldest Ghost in Savannah!

May 12, 2018

Beyond the Veil: Exploring the Paranormal with Tokyo Biking Tours


Welcome to Tokyo Biking Tours, your gateway to immersive experiences in captivating destinations worldwide. In this article, we delve into the supernatural as we uncover the mysterious tale of Alice Riley, the oldest ghost in Savannah. Join us on an unforgettable journey into the paranormal world of this historic city!

Unearthing Alice Riley's History

As a leading travel and tourism company, Tokyo Biking Tours prides itself on bringing you stories that captivate and intrigue. Alice Riley's tale, deeply rooted in Savannah's rich history, takes us back to the 18th century.

Alice Riley was an Irish indentured servant who found herself entangled in a tragic love triangle that ended in bloodshed. The year was 1733, and Savannah was a burgeoning colony. Alice, caught between her lover and another man vying for her affection, faced an impossible choice that unleashed a series of haunting events.

Rumor has it that Alice's lover, a sailor named Richard White, confronted the rival suitor in a fit of jealousy. In a heated altercation, White fatally stabbed the other man, sending shockwaves through the community. Fearing the consequences, Alice and Richard attempted to flee but were swiftly apprehended and hanged for their crime.

Ghostly Encounters and Savannah's Haunted Past

With centuries having passed since Alice Riley's tragic demise, her restless spirit is said to still wander the streets of Savannah. Many residents and visitors claim to have encountered her apparition, describing a sad, ethereal figure that appears near the riverfront.

Savannah itself is renowned for its vibrant history and enigmatic charm. Dubbed the "Most Haunted City in America," it's no surprise that it has captured the fascination of paranormal enthusiasts worldwide. Tokyo Biking Tours invites you to explore the dark underbelly of this enchanting city, where ghostly encounters and other eerie phenomena await.

Embarking on a Haunted Journey with Tokyo Biking Tours

At Tokyo Biking Tours, we offer an exclusive itinerary that brings you face-to-face with Savannah's haunted past. Our experienced guides, well-versed in the city's supernatural tales, will take you on a thrilling adventure through its historic streets and haunted landmarks.

During our tour, you'll walk in the footsteps of Alice Riley, retracing her final moments and discovering the sites that hold residual echoes of her presence. From the chilling ambiance of Wright Square to the ethereal beauty of Moon River, each location has a story to tell. Hear the whispers of the past and immerse yourself in the supernatural energy that permeates the air.

The Tokyo Biking Tours Difference

What sets Tokyo Biking Tours apart is our commitment to delivering an unforgettable experience. Our expert guides ensure that your journey into Savannah's paranormal realm is not only informative but also spine-tinglingly thrilling. We understand the importance of authentic encounters, allowing you to make a personal connection with the spirits that still wander Savannah's streets.

Our small group sizes ensure an intimate setting, perfect for absorbing the atmosphere and engaging with our knowledgeable guides, who will regale you with bone-chilling tales and historical anecdotes. We also provide comfortable bikes, ensuring that you explore Savannah's haunting beauty while enjoying a leisurely ride through its historic districts.


As the darkness falls and the moon rises over Savannah, the allure of its haunted past emerges. With Tokyo Biking Tours, you can unravel the enigmatic story of Alice Riley, the oldest ghost in Savannah, and dive into the world of the supernatural. Embrace the thrill of the unknown, as you explore the eerie history that haunts this captivating city.

Contact Tokyo Biking Tours today and become a part of our exclusive haunted tour experience. Let us guide you through the spectral realm and breathe life into Savannah's otherworldly past. Prepare for an adventure that may just change your perception of the paranormal forever!