15+ Ideas for Sightseeing in Atlanta

Feb 17, 2023

Welcome to Tokyo Biking Tours, your ultimate guide to exploring the beautiful city of Atlanta! Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast, history buff, or artistic soul, Atlanta offers a myriad of attractions and landmarks to discover. Join us on an unforgettable adventure where we dive into the heart and soul of this vibrant city. Let's explore 15+ ideas for sightseeing in Atlanta!

1. Centennial Olympic Park

Start your Atlanta sightseeing journey at Centennial Olympic Park, the heart of downtown Atlanta. Built for the 1996 Olympic Games, this pristine green space showcases beautiful fountains, walkways, and hosts various events throughout the year. Enjoy picnicking, people-watching, or simply taking in the breathtaking views of the city.

2. The Georgia Aquarium

Dive into the wonders of the sea at the Georgia Aquarium, one of the world's largest aquariums. Immerse yourself in mesmerizing marine life and explore exhibits like Ocean Voyager and Tropical Diver. Don't miss the chance to witness the majestic beluga whales and graceful manta rays.

3. Atlanta Botanical Garden

Escape into nature at the Atlanta Botanical Garden. Stroll through the mesmerizing gardens, including the Canopy Walk and the Japanese Garden. Marvel at the stunning display of colorful flora and learn about different plant species. The Garden also hosts special events and concerts throughout the year.

4. Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site

Pay tribute to the influential leader at the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site. Visit the birth home of Dr. King, explore the Visitor Center, and embark on a guided tour to gain a deeper understanding of his life and legacy. Don't forget to visit the Ebenezer Baptist Church and the King Center.

5. Atlanta BeltLine

Experience the transformative urban project known as the Atlanta BeltLine. This 22-mile loop of multi-use trails, parks, and art installations connects various neighborhoods across the city. Rent a bike from Tokyo Biking Tours and explore the BeltLine's vibrant street art, lush green spaces, and bustling markets.

6. High Museum of Art

Indulge your artistic senses at the High Museum of Art. Explore the extensive collection of contemporary, American, and European art. Engage in interactive exhibits and marvel at the works of renowned artists such as Monet, Picasso, and O'Keeffe. The High Museum is a must-visit for art enthusiasts.

7. Piedmont Park

Discover the heart of Atlanta's outdoor recreation at Piedmont Park. This urban oasis spans over 200 acres and offers a multitude of recreational activities. Enjoy jogging, cycling, picnic dates, or simply relax amidst the scenic beauty of the park. Take in the panoramic views of the city skyline from the Atlanta BeltLine's Eastside Trail.

8. Atlanta History Center

Immerse yourself in Atlanta's rich history at the Atlanta History Center. Explore the interactive exhibits, including the Atlanta History Museum, Swan House, and Smith Family Farm. Uncover the city's story from its Civil War heritage to its evolution into a modern metropolis.

9. World of Coca-Cola

Delve into the iconic history of a global beverage at the World of Coca-Cola. Discover the secret formula, learn about the fascinating advertising campaigns, and taste various Coca-Cola products from around the world. The World of Coca-Cola offers a refreshing experience for all ages.

10. Atlanta Street Art Tour

Experience the vibrant street art scene of Atlanta with the Tokyo Biking Tours Street Art Tour. Explore the colorful murals, graffiti, and urban art that adorn the city's walls. Gain insights into the artists' stories and the meaning behind their captivating creations.

11. The King Center

Visit The King Center, a living memorial to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his wife, Coretta Scott King. Located near the Ebenezer Baptist Church, The King Center features exhibits showcasing their achievements, principles, and dedication to nonviolent social change.

12. Fox Theatre

Experience the grandeur of the Fox Theatre, a historic landmark in Atlanta. Attend a Broadway show, musical performance, or enjoy a guided tour of the theatre. Admire the stunning Moorish-Egyptian architecture and immerse yourself in the magic of live entertainment.

13. Atlanta Food Tour

Embark on a culinary adventure with the Tokyo Biking Tours Atlanta Food Tour. Discover diverse flavors and explore the vibrant food scene of Atlanta. From Southern soul food to international cuisines, tantalize your taste buds with mouthwatering dishes and hidden culinary gems.

14. Atlanta Streetcar

Take a ride on the Atlanta Streetcar and explore the city's historic neighborhoods. Hop on board and enjoy the convenience of traveling between attractions like Sweet Auburn District, the King Center, and Centennial Olympic Park. Experience the charm and history of Atlanta on this unique mode of transportation.

15. Atlanta Braves Game

Experience the excitement of America's favorite pastime at an Atlanta Braves baseball game. Join the passionate fans at Truist Park and cheer on the home team as they swing for the fences. Immerse yourself in the electrifying atmosphere of a live baseball game.

16. Atlanta History Tour

Deep-dive into Atlanta's captivating history with Tokyo Biking Tours' Atlanta History Tour. Explore iconic landmarks, historic neighborhoods, and hear stories that shaped the city's past. From the Civil Rights Movement to the birthplace of Coca-Cola, gain a comprehensive understanding of Atlanta's rich heritage.


Atlanta, the capital of Georgia, is a city brimming with diverse attractions and rich history. From its historic sites to its vibrant arts scene, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Tokyo Biking Tours is dedicated to providing you with an immersive and unforgettable sightseeing experience in Atlanta. Join us on our tours and let us show you the best of Atlanta's hidden gems and iconic landmarks. Plan your adventure today and create memories that will last a lifetime!