Ruth Patrick Science Center

Dec 25, 2020
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About Ruth Patrick Science Center

The Ruth Patrick Science Center, located in the heart of Tokyo, is an educational hub that Tokyo Biking Tours is proud to showcase to its visitors. With an emphasis on hands-on learning and exploration, this world-class science center offers a unique experience for both children and adults alike.

Discover the World of Science

At the Ruth Patrick Science Center, we believe that science is not just for scientists. Our mission is to inspire curiosity and foster a passion for learning among our visitors. Through interactive exhibits, engaging workshops, and captivating demonstrations, we aim to make science accessible, exciting, and fun.


Our science center features a wide range of incredible exhibits that cover various scientific disciplines. From biology and chemistry to physics and astronomy, there is something for everyone to explore. Step into our immersive environments to experience the wonders of nature, delve into the mysteries of the universe, and uncover the marvels of technology.

One of our most popular exhibits is "The Journey of Life," which showcases the intricate processes of life from conception to birth. Visitors can witness the miracle of life through interactive displays and informative multimedia presentations.

Workshops and Events

In addition to our exhibits, we offer a diverse selection of workshops and events throughout the year. These hands-on experiences provide visitors with the opportunity to dive deeper into specific scientific topics and gain practical knowledge.

Our workshops cover a wide range of subjects, including robotics, environmental conservation, and space exploration. Led by passionate experts in their respective fields, these interactive sessions allow participants to engage in experiments, build prototypes, and learn valuable skills.

Furthermore, we host special events that cater to different age groups and interests. From science fairs and guest lectures to astronomy observation nights and chemistry shows, our calendar is packed with activities that inspire and entertain.

Educational Programs

The Ruth Patrick Science Center is dedicated to promoting science education in Tokyo. In collaboration with local schools and organizations, we offer educational programs that supplement classroom learning and encourage scientific thinking.

Our educational programs provide students with hands-on, inquiry-based learning experiences. By engaging in practical experiments, scientific research, and collaborative projects, students develop critical thinking skills and a deeper understanding of scientific principles.

We also offer teacher training workshops to equip educators with innovative teaching techniques and resources, empowering them to create engaging and effective science lessons.

Plan Your Visit

Planning your visit to the Ruth Patrick Science Center is a breeze. Located in the heart of Tokyo, we are easily accessible by public transportation. Whether you're a local or a tourist, our science center offers a fascinating educational experience for all.

Admission tickets can be purchased online or at the entrance. We offer discounted rates for students, seniors, and group bookings. Feel free to contact our friendly staff for any inquiries or assistance.

Exploring the Ruth Patrick Science Center is a journey of discovery and wonder. Join us to unlock the secrets of the universe and ignite your passion for science!